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Rebellious Wives

Esther 1:17-20


1.     Ahasuerus king of Medes and Persians

2.     120 provinces from India to Ethiopia

3.     Vashti is the queen

4.     He displayed riches and honor for 180 days (6 months)

5.     Then a 7 day feast women had their own feast (5)

6.     King was merry with wine; called for his queen (10-11)

7.     Purpose was to show her beauty (11)

8.     She refused to come King becomes angry (12)

9.     What shall we do? (13-15)

a.     Vashti come to the king no more

b.     Will choose another queen better than Vashti

c.     Wives will honor their husbands

Lessons to learn

1.     Wives obey your husbands

a.     Ephesians 5:21-23

b.     Colossians 3:18

2.     Our influence on others

3.     Obey in spite of:

a.     His pride

b.     Show-off

c.     Drunk

4.     Husband is not excused in his wrong

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