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1 Peter 3:13-17



1.     Small children – What does God look like?

2.     Who does God’s dishes?

3.     Where did God come from?


We must be ready:

1.     How can I be ready to respond?

a.     Sanctify God in your heart

b.     Have hope in God

c.     Be meek in spirit

d.     Live in good conscience

2.     What are the questions?

a.     God

b.     Christ

c.     Death, burial, resurrection

d.     Baptism

e.     Worship

                                                    i.     Instrumental music

                                                   ii.     Communion each week

3.     Conclusion

a.     First make sure your life is right before God

b.     If you are not right – they will not listen

c.     Study to be prepared to defend what and why of your faith

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