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TITLE: Coming or Going?

TEXT: I Thess. 4:13-18

PROPOSITION: God want us to understand what happens at the second coming of Christ.


KEY WORD: Directions


          1. Much confusion about the Second Coming.

          2. Pre-mill. says that Christ will return to Jer. for a 1,000 year reign of the world. A kingdom of peace will exist after Christ wins the battle of Armageddon.

          3. Theory says that all Christians will be "raptured away" then return with Christ to set up the kingdom.

          4. Our text is often used as a "rapture" passage.

1. "Bring with him"           14

          A. Talking about those who have died               13

          B. Talking about those who have hope             13

          C. Talking about those who have faith              14

          D. What is coming down?

                    1. Those in the above group

                    2. God will bring them - What does God have?

                              a. Not their body - in the ground

                              b. But the soul - Ecc. 12:7

          E. Those who are alive:

                    1. Will not "precede" the dead

                    2. Sequence of events:

                              a. Lord will descend

                              b. Lord will shout

                              c. Voice of archangel

                              d. Trumpet of God

                              e. Dead will rise - Coming or Going?

2. "Caught up"       17

          A. Dead will rise first - not be left behind   16

          B. Living will catch up to them      17

          C. Meet in the clouds - not here on earth

          D. Meet the Lord in the air - not in Jerusalem

          E. Ever (continue) to be with the Lord

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