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Exodus 3:11-15


1.     Who is God? 13

a.     Verses 6-9

                                                    i.     God of your fathers 6

                                                   ii.     God who sees your pain 7

                                                 iii.     God who delivers 8

                                                 iv.     God who cares 9

b.     Verse 14 I AM

c.     Do you believe in this God?

d.     If yes, How can you NOT do what He requires?

2.     Who am I 11

a.     Is life empty? What is your purpose?

b.     Should answer:

                                                    i.     Redeemed child of God

                                                   ii.     Forgiven of sins

                                                 iii.     God calls me His child

                                                 iv.     Servant of Jesus Christ

3.     To Whom do you Belong? 12

a.     Moses belonged to God

                                                    i.     Birth grow to man

                                                   ii.     In the desert

4.     Why am I here? 14-15

a.     Moses 40 years in Egypt; 40 years in wilderness

b.     80 years just to get ready for his purpose in life

c.     You - - -

                                                    i.     Let light shine Matthew 5:16

                                                   ii.     Use mouth Romans 15:6

                                                 iii.     Use good works 1 Peter 2:12

                                                 iv.     Use body 1 Corinthians 6:19-20


          Settle these four questions in your own mind.

          You will be ready to serve God.

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