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TITLE: Prayer in Worship

TEXT: I Timothy 2:1-5

PROPOSITION: Prayer is a vital part of worship.





          1. Prayer is both private and public.

          2. This lesson is on prayer in public worship.

          3. Paul mentions several types of prayers to offer.

I. Types of Prayer in Public Assemblies.

          A. Worship - "We love you."

                    1. My cards of praise and honor, glory.

                    2. Prayer does not need to ask for things.

                    3. Child does not ask for something every time he talks too his father. Neither should we.

                    4. Prayer of Praise

          B. Supplications - "We need your help with ..."

                    1. Physical needs - food, shelter, air, life

                    2. Spiritual needs - forgiveness, mercy, God's love, eternal life

                    3. Prayer allows us to ask of God.

                    4. Prayer of Supplication

          C. Intercessions - "I am concerned about ..."

                    1. On behalf of others - sickness, deaths, hurting

                    2. The world - Peace, leaders, governments

                    3. The church - Elders, deacons, preacher

                    4. Prayer of Intercession

          D. Thanksgiving - "Thank you for ..."

                    1. Spiritual blessings - salvation, church, elders, deacons, teachers, opportunity to worship

                    2. Material blessings - jobs, health, friends, families, material possessions

                    3. Prayer of Thanksgiving

II. Some Observations

          A. Personal prayer = same elements.

          B. Public prayer = combination of the above.

          C. Prayer can be any one (or combination) of these.

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