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TITLE: Priorities for Living

TEXT: I Thess. 2:1-13

PROPOSITION: God requires that we do the important.


KEY WORD: Priorities

READING: I Thess. 2:7-11


          1. What do you consider to be a priority in life?

          2. Urgent vs. Important

          3. "What will it matter in 10 years?"

          4. Here are four "priorities for living"

Be Biblical [2-4]

          A. "Speak the gospel of God"  "Exhortation"  "Trusted with the gospel"

          B. Being right will matter 10 years from now.

Be Authentic [5-6]

          A. No mask, cover-up, deciet

          B. Be vulnerable, human, real

Be Gracious [7-11]

          A. Tolerant spirit, gentle, sharing, exhort, comfort

          B. Don't dwell on the petty and insignificant.

Be Relevant [13]

          A. "Worketh also in you that believe."

          B. Up-to-date, continually working


          1. What is IMPORTANT in your life?

          2. Where is your TIME being spent?

          3. What important things are being ignored because of the urgent?


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