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1 Peter 2:1-5


1.     If we understand the doctrine:

a.     Remove special distinction of clergy / laity

b.     All must have a sense of the ministry God has given

c.     All are equally responsible for expansion of the kingdom

d.     Insures fullest impact on the community

2.     Why the inactivity?

a.     Most don’t know the rule – What can I do?

b.     Many don’t know where they fit – Where do I fit?

c.     Never been challenged – How do I start?

3.     Other factors

a.     Laymen hire clergy to do the work

b.     Lose so many in teen years, there aren’t enough men

c.     Feeling that the church is not involved in real issues

d.     Work of church now being done by community and government agencies

4.     Bible says:

a.     Every believer has – power of the Holy Spirit – Acts 2:38

b.     Every believer has – a gift – Romans 12:6-8

c.     Every believer is – a priest – 1 Peter 2:9

d.     Every believer can – pray – Acts 12:12; 16:12; Titus 2:4

e.     Every believer can – teach – Acts 18:26

f.      Every believer can – minister – Matthew 20:26

g.     Every believer can – serve – Matthew 20:27

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