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TITLE: Wrapped Up In Smoke

TEXT: Proverbs 16:18

PROPOSITION: Pride is the sin of arrogant, self conceit.




          1. Pride is often mentioned in the Bible.

                    A. Good kind = accomplishments

                    B. Most often = bad kind

          2. One of the words = "wrapped up in smoke"

                    A. Self deluded, in a created fog

                    B. "Smoke screen"

          3. Showing oneself above others, pre-eminent, arrogant

          4. Words used - Pride, Proud, Boasting, Haughty, Vain glory, High-minded, Puffed up

          5. Six areas where we can be "wrapped up in smoke."

I. Money

                    I Tim. 6:17

II. Power

                    I Tim. 3:6

III. Religion

          I Tim. 6:3-4

          James 4:6

          Rom. 2:17, 23, 27

IV. Work

          II Cor. 10:16

V. Salvation

          Eph. 2:8-9

VI. Self

          II Tim. 3:2

          I Pet. 5:5

          Gal. 5:26


          1. C. S. Lewis called pride a "spiritual cancer" which eats up love and contentment.  It is actually a sign of our own insecurity and feelings of inferiority.

          2. Pride is not just something to watch out for. It will keep you from heaven - send you to hell. Wearing your halo too tight gives others a headache.

Man - "My ancestor signed the Dec. of Indep."

Jew - "My ancestor signed the Ten Commandments."

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