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TITLE: Prepare for the Trip

TEXT: Mark 10:28-31

PROPOSITION: God will provide reward for all loss that one may suffer for the name of Christ.


KEY WORD: Disclosures




               1. Meeting starts next Sunday

               2. Theme = Mark 10:32 "The Way to Jerusalem"

               3. This study takes place right before they begin the "Way to Jerusalem."


I. Proposition raised

               A. We left all.  vs. 28

               B. What do we get?  Matt. 19:27

                              1. We do the same in "giving"

                              2. Having children

                              3. Church work - "Not care who gets the credit."

                              4. Marriages, etc.


II. Potential loss  vs. 29

               A. House

               B. Family

                              1. Brothers and sisters

                              2. Father or mother

                              3. Wife or children

               C. Lands

               D. "For my sake, and the gospel's"


III. Promised gain   vs. 30

               A. Hundredfold now in this time

                              1. Houses

                              2. Family

                              3. Lands

               B. With persecutions

               C. World to come -- eternal life


IV. Priority straight  vs. 31

               A. First shall be last.

               B. Last shall be first.



               1. Christianity costs.

               2. It is worth the cost.

               3. The bottom line: IT PAYS!


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