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John 4:5-10



1.     Alcoholics Anonymous – other 12-step programs

2.     “Hi, my name is Frank and I am an alcoholic. I have been sober for 2 days.”

3.     Similar groups – drugs, gambling, other addictions

4.     Needed – one for prejudice – Prejudice Anonymous


1.     The text

a.     Jesus overcame three types of prejudice

                                                    i.     Religious – Jew vs. non-Jew

                                                   ii.     Sexual – Man vs. woman

                                                 iii.     Racial – Jew vs. Samaritan

b.     Man is a prejudiced being

c.     All kinds of prejudice:

                                                    i.     Curse like a sailor

                                                   ii.     Crooked as a Politian

                                                 iii.     Dutch treat

                                                 iv.     Jew him down in price

                                                  v.     Scotch with his money

                                                 vi.     You know used car salemen

2.     The tell tail signs

a.     I have nothing against them: as long as they stay in their place

                                                    i.     Assumes that races has a boundry

                                                   ii.     Assumes they we are not so restricted

b.     You know how they are

                                                    i.     Implies that they are not normal

                                                   ii.     Moral standards, work habits, honesty

c.     I am not prejudiced – Some of my best friends are _______.

3.     Let’s start a Prejudice Anonymous

a.     Hi, my name is Manly and I am prejudice. I am working to overcome these feelings.

b.     The problem of prejudice can be solved

c.     God is color-blind

d.     God is profession-blind

e.     God is no respecter of persons

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