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TITLE: Preacher-itis

TEXT: I Corinthians 1:10-17

PROPOSITION: The message is more important than the messenger.


KEY WORD: Imperatives



          1. A common illness among Christians - Preacheritis

                    A. Denominational idea of "Clergy - Laity"

                    B. Preachers do not have any special powers

          2. Not new - had it here in Corinth

          3. Paul gives three imperatives:

1. Unity - more important - getting "my way" 10

          A. Speak the same thing

          B. No divisions among you

          C. Perfectly joined together

          D. Same mind

          E. Same judgment

2. Faith in Christ - more important - faith in preacher 12

          A. Don't wear preacher's name

          B. Don't follow me - follow Christ

          C. Don't ever split a church over a preacher

3. Preaching gospel - more important - baptizing 14-17

          A. Mission = not to baptize

                    1. verse 17

                    2. Mark 16:15-16

                    3. Salvation is not dependant on Who baptizes

                    4. Does depend on What you believe

          B. Just preach the gospel

                    1. Let chips fall where they may

                    2. Make sure all hear and understand it

          C. Not to impress with big words

          D. Don't make the cross "VOID"


          1. Be united, have faith in Jesus and preach the gospel

          2. This is our imperative from God.


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