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1 Thessalonians 5:17


1.     Does not mean:

a.     Voice Ė out loud

b.     Posture

c.     Place

d.     Particular times of day

2.     What does this mean?

a.     Privilege

b.     Precept

                                                    i.     Donít abandon

                                                   ii.     Pray regularly

                                                 iii.     With the heart

                                                 iv.     Let actions be consistent with prayer

3.     How can I obey?

a.     Avoid sinful interruptions

b.     Avoid unnecessary

c.     Avoid indolence

d.     Avoid indifference

e.     Avoid despair

4.     Why obey?

a.     God deserves our worship

b.     We desire blessings

c.     Danger of being tempted

d.     We are always in need

e.     Others need our prayers

5.     Why we OUGHT to obey

a.     We believe God hears

b.     We believe God answers

c.     We believe prayer is powerful

d.     We want to please God

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