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Power of Positive Thinking

Matthew 15:15-20


1.     Proverbs 23:7

2.     John 1:13-16


1.     Psyche – mind forecasts actions of soma – body

a.     Elvis – 43 – same as his mother, same time of year

b.     Flu in July

c.     Migraine at 4 in the afternoon

d.     Ulcers are not what we eat, but what’s eating us

e.     Asthma = smothering love; Cure = parentectomy

f.      We become what we fear

g.     We get what we expect

h.     We are what we expect to be

i.       The body expresses what the mind harbors

2.     Motivation

a.     That inside us that prompts action

b.     2 motivators

                                                    i.     Fear – negative, panic, defeat, restricts

                                                   ii.     Reward – positive, opens, encourages, drives, directs

c.     Plank 2X6X20’ –

                                                    i.     $10 on other end walk plank and get money

                                                   ii.     Now the plank is between 2 20 story buildings

d.     Warren Spann – Mil. Pitcher; Elton Howard – Yankee batter
Manager – “Don’t give him high outside pitch”

3.     Let’s think on the positive – Philippians 4:8


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