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I Played the Fool

1 Samuel 26:21



1.     Background for the text

2.     Saul – 1st king, humble

3.     Then sin with the Amalekites, sacrifice without Samuel, God left him


How did Saul “play the fool” in his choices?

1.     Ran away from responsibility

2.     Took personal glory that belonged to others

a.     Jonathan – 1,000

b.     Saul – 2,000

c.     Saul took credit for all

3.     Didn’t think things through

a.     Hasty in making decisions

b.     Sacrificed – not wait for Samuel

4.     Tried to cover up his faults

a.     Alalekites – denied any wrong

b.     Shifted the blame to the people

5.     Filled with envy, jealousy and hatred

a.     Saul his 1,000’s; David his 10,000’s

6.     Returned evil for good

a.     1 Samuel 18:21

b.     Gave David a wife to snare him

Lessons to learn

1.     It is not enough to start right, we must finish right

2.     God and Saul parted company

3.     Jealousy will lead to hatred

4.     Run from responsibility is not a wise thing to do


Will you learn the lessons from Saul – or repeat them?


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