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TITLE: Three Prongs in the Fork

TEXT: Rev. 13:1-18

PROPOSITION: We must use caution to avoid Satan's methods of testing us.


KEY WORD: Resources

READING: Rev. 20:9-15


          1. Satan is often pictured with a 3-pronged pitchfork.

          2. Satan does use three resources to test us.

1. Beast from the Sea = Government persecution 13:1-8

          A. Leopard, bear, lion, dragon = world empires

          B. Keys to notice:

                    1. Power, seat authority 2

                    2. Make war 7

                    3. Blaspheme against God, tabernacle, heaven 6

          C. Satan tests us with persecution, economic hardship.

2. Beast of the Earth = False religions 13:11-18

          A. Watch the clues -

                    1. Look like a lamb - speaks like a dragon 11

                    2. Does great wonders, miracles 13

                    3. Deceives men with miracles, power 14

                    4. Has power to give life to civil rulers 15

          B. Satan tests our depth of faith with false teachings.

3. Babylon = Immorality 17:1-6

          A. Identity of Babylon:

                    1. Committed Fornication 2

                    2. Get drunk 2

                    3. Full of abominations 4

                    4. Filthiness of fornication 4

          B. Immorality can kill Christians

          C. Satan tests the depth of our Convictions.

4. Good News - God Wins!

          A. Babylon is fallen 18:2-3

          B. Government and false teachers fall 19:20-21

          C. Satan himself is defeated 20:1-2; 10

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