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Piddling in the Wilderness

Hebrews 3:12-19



1.     Define piddling dealing in trifles, killing time

2.     Doing things not pertinent to the goal


Israel spent 40 years in the wilderness

1.     Could have made in months about 6 months

2.     Went by Sinai

a.     Got the law

b.     Made the tabernacle added a year or so

3.     Got to Kadesh-Barnea

a.     Sent out 12 spies

b.     Had a grasshopper complex

c.     603,550 able bodied men over 20

d.     2 (Joshua and Caleb) entered the land

4.     What about us here today?

a.     Are we piddling along our way to heaven?

b.     When will we get serious about our Christianity?

5.     Stop piddling stop playing church, dealing in trifles, killing time

a.     Build your faith

b.     Grow

c.     Visit

d.     Get our priorities right

e.     Do what is important

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