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 TITLE: The Preacher and the Pew

TEXT: I Thess. 2:7-14

PROPOSITION: God requires something of both those who preach and those who sit in the pew.


KEY WORD: Requirements




          1. A special relationship can exist between the man in the pulpit and those in the pew.

          2. 5-year-old in church, "The music was good, but the commercial was too long!"

          3. There are some requirements that must be met.

What the Preacher should Be:  (7-8)

          A. Requirements of being a preacher

                    1. Gentle - fair, moderate, equitable

                    2. Desirous - strong affection, yearning

                    3. Willing - to think it good, be well pleased

                    4. Loving - known by the action it prompts

          B. Many people think that to preach they must:

                    1. Like to talk

                    2. Like to eat - esp. chicken

                    3. Know Greek, Hebrew and English

                    4. Be "tetched in the head"

          C. "Your Preacher" - Charles Hodge

                    1. "Hatched, matched, dispatched."

                    2. "The Perfect Preacher Has Been Found"

What the Preacher should Do:  (10-11)

          A. Four things the preacher should DO

                    1. Behave - manner of conduct

                    2. Exhort - confront to do what is right

                    3. Charge - challenge to do more, command, order

                    4. Comfort - "Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."

          B. Ralph Waldo Emerson, "How can I hear what you say, when what you are is ringing in my ears?"

          C. Preacher must PRACTICE WHAT HE PREACHES!

What the Pew should Do:  (9-13)

          A. Three things the people in the pew should do

                    1. Remember - I Cor. 15:2

                    2. Walk - worthy of God

                    3. Work - because you believe

          B. The pew responds to every sermon.

                    1. Public response - walk the aisle

                    2. Verbal response - to the preacher

                    3. Behavior response - make the changes

          C. Support your preacher

                    1. Man preached same sermon 5 weeks in a row - elders requested, "Why?" - "Ain't done nothing about that one yet."

                    2. What are you going to do about it?

                              a) Outline each sermon with:

                                        1] What is this sermon about?

                                        2] What am I going to do about it?


          1. The preacher has an obligation to preach and live the gospel message.

          2. The pew has the responsibility to respond to that gospel message in a positive way.


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