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  1. Do you have flower beds?

  2. They take care, some more than others

  3. Roses require great amount of attention

The Rest of the Flowers

  1. Special soil

  2. Special food

  3. Special light sun, shade, partial sun

  4. Special watering instructions

  5. Watch and spray for bugs that will harm the plant

  6. Weed get rid of all that would hinder their growth

The Petunia

  1. No trouble

  2. No special treatment

  3. Will grow anywhere, any soil, any light, any water

  4. Just keep on blooming where they are

Today I want to salute the petunias in the church

  1. Attendance

  2. Work on building, grounds

  3. Teach classes

  4. Visit the sick

  5. Feed family sickness, funeral

  6. Make bears for children

  7. Serve in worship pray, lead singing, serve communion

  8. Greet visitors

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