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TITLE: That Which is Perfect

TEXT: I Cor. 13:8-13

PROPOSITION: The miracles by men were temporary; love is eternal in nature.


KEY WORD: Contrasts



          1. The working definition of Love 4-8a

          2. The duration of Love   8-13

          3. Paul gives some contrasts.

1. Things that cease vs. Things that remain   8; 13

  A. Things that cease = miracles through men

          1. Prophecies          - fail (get old - eyes or ears fail)

          2. Tongues - shall cease (middle voice - on its own)

          3. Knowledge - vanish away (become less frequent)

  B. Things that remain (abide)

          1. Faith - ends in sight Heb. 11:1; 2 Cor. 5:7

          2. Hope - ends in realization Rom. 8:24

          3. Love = eternal

2. In part vs. That which is perfect 9-10

   A. Partial revelation - slowly, as needed

          1. Can't comprehend the whole load

          2. Details given later - as one matures

                    a. Meat offered to idols

                              1] Ac. 15 - No meat offered to an idol

                              2] 1 Cor. 8 - Just don't offend a brother

                    b. Child crossing street

                              1] Small child - "No.  Do not cross street."

                              2] Later - "Look both ways first."

   B. Perfect = full grown, mature, complete

          1. Not dealing with Second coming of Christ

          2. Dealing with the complete revelation of God- Bible

3. Child vs. Mature man    11

   A. Child

          1. Talk like a child - baby talk

          2. Think and understand

                    a. Announced - "Ladies shower Thursday"

                    b. Boy of 2 - "Put a shower in the bathroom."

   B. Man

          1. Out-grow the baby talk, mentality

          2. Restoration Movement - had to out-grow things

          3. Start acting more mature, adult, grown-up

4. Distorted image vs. Face to face    12

   A. Cloudy, hazy, wavy, spotted

   B. With the full revelation -

          1. Clear picture of what God expects

          2. Fuller obligation to obey

          3. Don't need the temporary

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