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TITLE: Pastors in the Church

TEXT: Ps. 78:70-72

PROPOSITION:  The work and function of the elder is not clearly understood.


KEY WORD: Results


            1. Three Greek words - six English words

                        A. Poimen                    Pastor, Shepherd

                        B. Episkopos               Bishop, Overseer

                        C. Presbuteros                        Elder, Presbyter

            2. Least understood is the term - Pastor

                        A. Preacher is not the pastor.

                        B. We do not use the term - because of religious confusion that exists.

                        C. Read - Ezekiel 34:1-6

                                                Eph. 4:11

                                                Jer. 23:1-4

            3. When more elders and bishops will begin to "Pastor" the flock as a shepherd does sheep several things will result.


I. Decision business

            A. Elders play - trivial pursuit - light bulbs, etc.

            B. Set guidelines, establish priorities, set goals

II. Pride business

            A. Qualification - "Not a novice"

            B. Reason - "not puffed up"  filled with pride, power

            C. Elders are not infallibile.  They are human.  When cut, they bleed.  When punched, they hurt.

III. Project business

            A. Elders should be in the people business.

            B. Overseer = project business

            C. Pastor = People business

            D. Don't let project get in the way of people.

IV. Fear business

            A. Members think elders are "untouchable"

            B. Meet in the Holy of Holies.

            C. Pastors are to be "among the flock"  I Pet. 5:2

V. Power business

            A. Many think elders drive, coerce, force, shove.

            B. Elders should be shepherds not jockey at Ken. Derby.

VI. 3 X 5 Card business

            A. Cards don't fit people.  People don't fit cards.

            B. I am more than a name and address.

            C. Needs.  Weaknesses.  Problems.  Hurts.

Conclusion:  Love elders.  Assist them.  Let them know of your hurts, needs.  They want to shepherd you to heaven.


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