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Parable of 5 Farmers


Story: Pooled their money and bought one sack of seed. Each planted from that bag. Seed was sold a pure. Later 1 Cotton 2 Corn 3 Wheat 4 Rice 5 Oats


4 Possible Explanations

1.    Seed not pure as claimed

2.    Field already sown with something else choked out pure seed

3.    Farmers misnamed their products

4.    Each farmer got seed from someplace else


Explanation of parable

1.    Farmer = religious teachers

2.    Fields = those being taught

3.    Pure seed = Word of God Luke 8:11

4.    Harvest = results of their teaching


Questions Raised

1.    Is the seed pure?  Yes. 1 Peter 1:23-25

a.    We must keep it pure

b.    Each seed will reproduce after its kind

2.    Were fields already sown with something else?

a.    We man make void the Word of God Matthew 15:1-6

b.    Preconceived ideas, traditions, doctrines of men

3.    Did they misname the products?

a.    You can look at the plants and tell they are different

4.    Did they get seed from somewhere else?

a.    Sprinkle, infant baptism

b.    Worship on Friday

c.    Saved by faith only

d.    Pray to Mary

e.    Baptism does not save

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