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Genesis 19:4-26


1.     Our world must learn the lesson of Sodom

2.     Many today seek to glorify homosexuality

3.     Some try to make it normal


We must learn the lesson of Sodom

1.     God hates the sin – 4-11

a.     2 angels visit

b.     Men of city want to use them sexually

c.     Lot offers his two daughters

d.     Learn: Sin can take a frontal attack on us

2.     God warned them – 12-14

a.     Angels tell Lot their mission

b.     Sons-in-law would not listen

c.     Bible sends warnings – are you listening?

3.     Do not delay – 15-16

a.     D-day is here

b.     Angels say, “Hurry”

c.     God helped them escape

d.     God helps those who help themselves

e.     Lot had to start

4.     God provides an escape – 17-22

a.     Instructions

                                                    i.     Run for your life

                                                   ii.     Do not look back

                                                 iii.     Head for the mountains

b.     Lot resists the mountains

c.     Sin should be left as far away as possible

d.     Don’t see how close you can get

e.     See how far away you can stay

5.     God demands Obedience – 23-26

a.     When Lot was safe THEN

b.     Sodom was destroyed

c.     Five cities were destroyed

d.     Lot’s wife looked back

                                                    i.     Why did she look back?

                                                   ii.     Attached to things, people

                                                 iii.     Would rather die in sin

                                                 iv.     Wanted to see the work of God

e.     Turned into a pillar of salt

f.      God is in charge – Do what He commands

6.     Conclusion

a.     God hates the sin of homosexuality

b.     Association with sin destroys us

c.     We must obey God - period

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