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Other Side of the Cross



1.    Many songs, poems and sermons about the cross

2.    They mention love, mercy, grace, compassion, forgiveness, salvation

3.    All of this is true and proper but there is another side of the cross

4.    For those saved by the cross love, mercy and compassion

5.    For those lost it is foolishness, stumbling block


Think about the other side of:

1.    Brass Serpent Numbers 21

a.    Those who looked were healed and lived

b.    Those who did not look died in pain and suffering

2.    Passover Exodus 12

a.    Put the blood on the doorpost and stay inside all night all live

b.    No blood on doorpost or leave the house first born dies

3.    Work on Sabbath Numbers 15:32-36

a.    Sabbath day was a day of total rest no work allowed just rest

b.    Pick up sticks, build a fire, cook a meal = death

4.    Naaman 2 Kings 5

a.    Dip in Jordan 7 times healed

b.    Go back home he would die of his leprosy

5.    Achan Joshua 7

a.    Give God the spoils celebrate a great victory

b.    Stole from God death, sorrow, defeat

6.    Ananias & Sapphira Acts 5

a.    In the kingdom saved, forgiven, fellowship

b.    Lie to God death, rejection

7.    Cross of Christ

a.    To those who believe salvation, forgiveness, eternal life

b.    To those who reject foolishness, lost, eternal fire


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