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TITLE: No Other Doctrine

TEXT: I Timothy 1:3-8

PROPOSITION: Doctrine is important to God.


KEY WORD: Perspectives



          1. Doctrine is important to God.

          2. We are commanded to "teach no other doctrine"

          3. Paul gives three perspectives to this issue.

1. The Charge                  (3-4)

          A. Teach no other doctrine (instruct differently)

                    1. No false doctrine - denominations

                    2. No new doctrine - make your own rules

                    3. No other doctrine - give book, chapter, verse

          B. Give heed to fables, genealogies, myths

                    1. Ill. - Needles Eye = small door in Jerusalem

                    2. Peter was crucified upside down

          C. Gender questions

                    1. Paul's thorn in the flesh

                    2. What Jesus wrote in the sand

                    3. Plurality of children for an elder, widows

          D. Replace with GODLY EDIFYING

                    1. Be a "house builder" for God.

                    2. Will this create controversy or build the church and the work of God?

2. The Reason   (or End) of Doctrine             (5)

          A. Purpose of doctrine is ONE OF:

                    1. Love for the lost

                    2. Pure heart - "No ax to grind"

                    3. Good conscience

                    4. Faith without hypocrisy

          B. If another doctrine is taught there is:

                    1. Apathy about salvation

                    2. Impure motives

                    3. Conscience tainted

                    4. Hypocrisy

3. The Caution       (6-8)

          A. Swerved aside

                    1. Deviate from truth, err from faith

                    2. Don't take a doctrinal detour

          B. Vain jangling

                    1. Vain talking - empty of valid purpose

                    2. Babbling - harping on the matter, TURN LOOSE

          C. Desire to be teachers

          D. No understanding what they affirm

          E. We must use scripture lawfully - "handle aright"

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