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TITLE: An Open Case of Conversion

TEXT: Acts 8:26-40

PROPOSITION: God requires that conversion be open.


KEY WORD: Elements

READING: Acts 8:26-31




I. Open Preacher    26-27

               1. Willing to leave a successful meeting

               2. Willing to preach to all nations

               3. No prejudice - racial, religious, moral

                              What if you were sent to -

                                             Homosexual?      Black?   Jew?

                                             Athiest?                              China?   Iran?


II. Open Mind                   31

               1. Insulting question

               2. Willing to study and learn


III. Open Bible   30

               1. Was reading the prophet, Isaiah

               2. What do you take on a trip to read?


IV. Open Mouth                              35

               1. Began at the same scripture

               2. Matt. 5:1


V. Open Eyes                     36

               1. See, here is water

               2. Able to see opportunities


VI. Open Confession                      37

               1. Willing

               2. Matthew 10:32-33


VII. Open Life                  39

               1. Went on his way rejoicing

               2. Ethiopia became a world center of the church


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