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TITLE: One More Night With the Frogs

TEXT: Exodus 8:5-11

PROPOSITION: Procrastination is a problem all must overcome.


KEY WORD: Dangers



          1. Frogs everywhere! Call for Moses to get rid of them.

          2. When? Tomorrow.

          3. All of us  are procrastinators.

          4. There are some dangers in putting off.


1. Pharaoh. He made a request of Moses and God.

2. Christians about dedication, active service in the church.

3. Weak members who need to attend.

4. Lost who need to be baptized.

5. All who face a task that is unpleasant.

6. Work place, home, school, church, - everyone, everyplace.


1. You Can Miss A Relationship with God.

          Luke 9:57-62 a) Birds have nests; b) Let dead bury dead

                                        c. Bid farwell, Put hand to plow

          Genesis 24:58 Rebekah asked to go marry Isaac

2. The Frogs May not Leave Tomorrow.

          Rich young ruler - went away sorrowful - frogs never left

          Felix (Acts 24:25) Call for you at convenient season

          Agrippa (Acts 26:25) Almost persuaded to be a Christian

          Many say, “Just as soon as I get straightened out.”

3. Something Worse May Come in Place of Frogs.

          After frogs came lice, flies, locusts, boils, fire, darkness, death.

          Pride keeps us from surrendering to Christ.

                    Love of money will bring many sorrows (1 Tim. 6:10)

                    Jer. 2:19 Thine own wickedness shall correct thee

          “Out of frying pan and into the fire.”

4. Tomorrow May Never Come.

          Prov. 27:1 Boast not thyself of tomorrow

          James 4:14 Ye know not what shall be on the morrow

          Hebrews 4:7 Today, if you will hear his voice, harden not hearts

          2 Cor. 6:2 Now is accepted time, now is day of salvation

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