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TITLE: Old Shirts, New Patches

TEXT: Luke 5:33-39

PROPOSITION: We must keep the religion of Jesus Christ new, soft and pliable.


KEY WORD: Parables


          1. Background - "Why don't you fast?"

          2. Jesus answered:

                    A. You are right, I don't fast.

                    B. Fasting, just to fast, is not valid.

                    C. When I am gone, they will be sad & fast.

          3. The parables:


I. Old shirt with a new patch                36

          A. The religion of Jesus is NEW.

          B. Not warmed-over Jewish teachings.

          C. Solution is:

                    1. NOT: a new patch

                    2. BUT: a new garment!

          D. Ill. with a car.  Time to repair.  Time to replace.

II. Old skins with new wine                   37-38

          A. Bottles = "goat-skins"  wine-skins.

          B. Old = stretched, cracked, brittle

          C. New = soft, pliable, stretchable

III. Set in our ways                     39

          A. Forsaking old ways, prejudices, traditions = hard

          B. After a long time, now they are asked to change their ways, habits, customs, and traditions

          C. They want to hang on to the old - even though it tastes bad, makes them sick, stinks, etc.

          D. Song - "Give me that Old Time Religion"  "Good enough for ma and pa - It's good enough for me."

          E. Kid given "pepper gum" -- terrible face -- "This is good."  Would not tell us it was bad. Macho


          1. We must keep Christianity soft and pliable.

                    Not in teaching or doctrine

                    But in:

                              Dealing with the world as it is today

                              Accepting people for who they are

                              Making Christianity "fit" our lives

          2. What do you have that is old, worn - out and needs to be replaced?

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