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Old People in the Home



1.    Subject not studied or talked about much

2.    Many don’t want to admit they are “old”

3.    There are 2 kinds of old people

a.    Those who are cheerful, happy, content

b.    Those who are sour, unpleasant, miserable



1.    We should not fear old age

a.    Maturity of years gives us opportunity to be useful

b.    It is ridiculous to be ashamed of old age

c.    It is foolishness to try to look like a teenager

2.    Live so that you can look back upon a godly life and look forward to a crown of life



1.    What does the Bible say?

a.    Leviticus 19:31

b.    Proverbs 16:31

c.    Proverbs 23:33

d.    Mark 7:11

e.    1 Timothy 5:8

f.     1 Timothy 5:4

g.    1 Timothy 5:16

2.    We owe them honor and respect and love

a.    Old people are not a burden

b.    Even when unable to function as in the past – they are still people

3.    Caring for the older person in the home

a.    Consider their happiness and welfare

b.    Keep them in your home if at all possible

c.    Some issues may require a nursing home or assisted living

d.    Every old person – “Cast me not off in the time of old age.” Psalm 71:9

4.    How you treat elderly in your home teaches your children how to treat you a few years from now.

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