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Titus 2:3-5


  1. Age is a sensitive issue esp. for women

  2. Many products to slow down or reverse the look of aging

  3. Death is the permanent solution to stop aging

  4. Titus 2:2 aged, old, elderly we say senior citizens

Older women are needed:

  1. Teach the younger women and girls

  2. Preacher's wives, elder's and deacon's wives

  3. Marriage, child rearing


  1. Psalm 37:25 was young, now I am old

  2. Old is not bad

  3. You can fight it

    1. Grecian formula

    2. Smash the barometer does not stop the storm

  4. Today growing old is terrible, fearful

  5. There is no fountain of youth


  1. Where do young girls learn?

    1. Love, husbands, children

    2. How to be chaste, discreet, sober

    3. Keepers at home

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