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TEXT: ACTS 2:41-47

PROPOSITION: God intended for the church to grow by applying the principles of growth to the local congregation.


KEY WORD: Obstacles


            1. The early church grew.

            2. God intends for His church to grow.

            3. This church can grow.

            4. Let's remove some OBSTACLES in our way.

1. Idea that it "just happens."

            1. Churches do not grow:

                        A. Accidently

                        B. With a new preacher

                        C. New Elders

            2. Churches grow by:

                        A. Desire

                        B. Planning to grow

                        C. Willing to pay the price to grow.

2. Relationship with the world.

            1. We are to be separate from the world:

                        A. In our values

                        B. In our morals

                        C. In our faith

            2. We are to remain in contact with the world:

                        A. To reach the lost

                        B. To restore the erring.

                        C. To impact the world.

            3. This building has become the sanctuary.

3. Boredom.

            1. All preachers do it.

            2. None have right to "BORE".

            3. Caliber of speaker by "length of bore"

            4. Gospel is exciting.

            5. Christianity is wonderful.  Right?

            6. If there is a polar bear in the pulpit there will be icicles in the pew.

4. Success.

            A. Some are proud of the past accomplishments.

            B. Can't rest on our laurels.

            C. Each generation must be taught.

5. Debt consciousness.

            A. Taj Mahal -

                        1. How much did it cost?

                        2. It is for our god!!

            B. Study Luke 6:38.

            C. Study Exodus 35:6

6. Impossibility thinking.

            A. "Born Againers"  Born again' everything.

            B. Church is filled with people who know:

                        1. why it "can't be done.

                        2. never did it that way.

                        3. Always did it this way.

            C. We must not be guilty of limiting God.

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