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Not Gods Will

Matthew 18:14



1.    Death occurs to all tragic accident or long life

2.    Psalm 90: - 70 years, if strong 80 years

3.    Many think When it is your time to go, it is your time to go.

4.    God wanted an angel in his heavenly choir

5.    This is fatalism predestination of the Calvinism sort


Why is their Suffering?

1.    Two Premises

a.    Knowledge is limited Proverbs 14:12

b.    Concept of good is mistaken child sees colorful liquid (poison)

c.    Matthew 7:11

2.    Four Principles

a.    Regularity of law gravity, fire, explosion, storms

b.    Freedom of choice free will to make bad choices

c.    Interdependence on others Revelation 14:7

d.    Imperfect world brakes fail, planes crash, trains derail

3.    We suffer because of:

a.    Ignorance

b.    Carelessness

c.    Deliberately doing wrong rebellion

d.    Selfishness

4.    Bible view

a.    1 Peter 4:12-13

b.    Hebrews 5:8 Jesus suffered

c.    1 Peter 5:9-11

d.    John 16:33

e.    2 Timothy 3:12

f.     2 Corinthian 1:10


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