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No Satisfaction

John 4:13-14



1.    V. 13 – futility of fleshly desires

2.    V. 14 – But, Jesus does

3.    Rolling Stones, 1965, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction


Can’t find satisfaction

1.    In a pack of cigarettes; That is why the put 20 in a pack

2.    Or in a can of alcohol – come in 6, 12 and 24 cans

3.    Or in a tube of glue to sniff, weed to smoke, or a needle

4.    Not even in one short worship service

5.    Knowledge – Encyclopedia – 36 volumes



1.    Ecclesiastes 1:8 eye not satisfied with seeing

a.    Movies, TV, Videos, Porn

2.    Ecclesiastes 5:10 not satisfied with silver


Only satisfaction – Jesus

1.    Jeremiah 31:14 satisfied with thy goodness

2.    Isaiah 58:11 the Lord shall satisfy thy soul

3.    Satisfaction is in Jesus and the Bible.



I am satisfied with Jesus, He has done so much for me,

He has suffered to redeem me. He has died to set me free.

I am satisfied with Jesus. But, the question comes to me,

As I think of Calvary, Is my Savior satisfied with me?

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