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Acts 4:12



1.     Islam Allah?

2.     Buddha?

3.     Reformer (Luther); Reformer (Campbell)



1.     Name

a.     Define a person or thing

b.     Mention a name think of what that name stands for

2.     Name of Christ

a.     Transcendent Above every name

                                                    i.     Politics

                                                   ii.     Art

                                                 iii.     Literature

b.     Precious

                                                    i.     Saves

                                                   ii.     Love

                                                 iii.     Blood shed

c.     Comforting

d.     Conquering

                                                    i.     Every knee will bow

                                                   ii.     Power in the name sign a check

                                                 iii.     Mention men of the past what they represented

                                                 iv.     More than conquerors

                                                  v.     Faith is the victory

3.     ONLY name

a.     No substitute

b.     Christ is the only door

c.     John 14:6

d.     Final question

                                                    i.     Not education

                                                   ii.     Not social standing

                                                 iii.     Not improve our world

                                                 iv.     BUT Are you saved?

4.     No Other Name

a.     Statesman

b.     Educator

c.     Riches

d.     Christ is only name to remove sin and vice

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