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TITLE: I Need A Friend

TEXT: Proverbs 18:24

PROPOSITION: Everybody needs a TRUE Friend.



READING: Prov. 18:24


          1. Friend is closer than a brother.

          2. I have lots of brothers.  I need a FRIEND.

          3. Preachers have fewer friends than others:

                    A. Move too often, try to remain objective

                    B. Fear of "taking sides" in some issue

          4. James 2:23  Abraham, God's Friend


          A GOOD FRIEND:

I. Is Not Looking to Get Something.

          A. Take what comes along.

          B. Abraham and Lot - "I will take what God gives.

                    1. Gen. 13:5-13

                    2. Job 1:21 Lord give, takes away -Praise God.

II. Knows How to Talk With Each Other.

          A. Talk TO each other?

          B. Talk WITH each other!

          C. Song: I Come to the Garden Alone 

III. Remains A Friend to the End.

          A. Not just as long as I am right.

          B. Not when I am a success.

          C. Friend = with me when I am wrong.

IV. Not All "Friends" ARE Friends.

          A. Samson and Deliah

          B. Job's three friends

          C. Peter (denied); Judas (betrayed); Thomas (doubted)

          D. "Fair weather" friends - Prodigal son


          A. Jesus is a TRUE Friend.

          B. Song: Jesus is All the World to Me  (278)

          C. Song: There's Not A Friend  (578)

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