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I. The Church in Prophecy

1. Isaiah 2

2. Daniel 2

3. Joel 2

4. Other passages

II. The Preparation for the Church

1. John the Baptizer

2. Preaching of Christ

3. Limited commission

III. The Establishment of the Church

1. A detailed study of Acts 2

IV. Terms for the Church

1. The church

            A. flock, body, family, army, kingdom, vineyard

            B. Paraables of Matt. 13

2. Those who belong

            A. brothers, sisters, members, saints, disciples

V. Growth of the Church

1. Early church - through the book of Acts

2. Rapid growth of the 50's

3. Why not today?

VI. Purpose of the Church

1. Preach, evangelize, teach the lost, mission work

2. Edification

3. Benevolence, sharing, caring

4. Worship

VII. Organization of the Church

1. On the "first day of the week"

2. Singing

3. The Lord's Supper

4. Prayer

5. Giving

6. Teaching, preaching, study

VIII. Problems of the Church

1. Past- Located preacher, classes, one cup, orphan homes

2. Present- Translations, Holy Spirit, Divorce, Fellowship

3. Future- Where are we headed?

IX. Which Church is Right?

1. Are we the only ones going to heaven?

2. How can you tell which church is right?

3. Why are there so many different churches today?

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