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TITLE: Compassed This Mountain Long Enough

TEXT: Deut. 2:1-3

PROPOSITION: God does not want us to get "stuck" on our way to Canaan.


KEY WORD: Symptoms



          1. God did not want Israel to get "stuck" or "side-tracked" on the way to the Promised Land.

          2. God does not want us to get "side-tracked" on the way to heaven.

          3. A rut is a grave with both ends kicked out.

          4. Here are symptoms of being "spiritually stuck".

I. Unforgiveness    Matt. 6:14-15

          A. Not saying - ignore, pretend it never happened

          B. But - let past be in the pass

          C. Focus ahead, work together, go forward

          D. Bury the hatchet; "no handle sticking out"

II. Neglect               Heb. 10:25; James 4:17

          A. Worship, work, programs

          B. Wrapped up in negative thinking

                    1. Zig Ziglar - "stinkin' thinkin'"

                    2. Critical of each other

          C. Neglect what is important -

                    1. Preach gospel to this community

                    2. Develop personally and spiritually

                    3. Deal with issues - while they are small sores

III. Hypocrisy                    Rom. 16:18

          A. Rom. 2:1

                    1. Don't criticize others

                    2. When you do the same things

                    3. OR Fail to do the same things

          B. Hypocrisy = self-righteous attitude

                    1. "I am smarter.  I know how it should be done."

                    2. "I will not do it.  I will watch and complain."

                    3. If you don't vote - don't complain about laws

IV. Selfishness                 Gal. 5:17

          A. Burger King - "Have It Your Way"

          B. The weight of a man does not hurt the horse - burr under the saddle does.


1. Old westerns - chase scene - pass same tree 3 times

2. Aren't you tired of complaints, criticism, gossip, gripping?

3. Are you ready to step out in faith and work for Jesus?

4. Who is on the Lord's side?


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