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Luke 8:18 – Take heed HOW you hear

1.     “I got a lot out of that sermon.”

2.     “That sermon was a waste of time.”

3.     Most sermons take hours of study and preparation

4.     Not every sermon is suited for every person

a.     Some deeper meat sermons

b.     Some first principles for weak in the faith

c.     Some just remind you of what you already knew

5.     In any case – you must be prepared to hear the sermon


To get more from a sermon we must:

1.     Have the right attitude of mind

a.     Decide you want to get something from it

b.     Requires concentration and effort

2.     Bring Bible – paper and pen

a.     Look up passages

b.     Write down to look up later

c.     Notes prevent the mind from wandering

3.     Use the lesson during the week

a.     Compare notes with others

b.     Discuss with family – see what they got that you missed

4.     Tell others about the sermon

a.     Those you meet

b.     Members who missed

5.     Sit where you can hear / see / listen

a.     To understand you must eliminate distractions

b.     Sit where comfortable – heat or AC

c.     Sit where you can hear and see

6.     Be physically prepared

a.     Stay out late Saturday night – not alert on Sunday

b.     Plan what to wear – lay out clothes you plan to wear

c.     Rise early – not rush – just in time

d.     Be on time – not late

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