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TITLE: Modesty

TEXT: I Timothy 2:9-10

PROPOSITION: God requires us to be decent and appropriate in our actions and behavior.




1. Side Issues:

          A. Gold, braided hair, pearls, jewlery

                    1. If these are forbidden - so are clothes

                    2. I Peter 3:3 “wearing of apparel”

          B. Anything costly = more expensive than I spend

          C. How much is too much?

          D. Must all clothes be purchased at the Salvation Army?

2. Modest =

          A. Decent - not too skimpy, short, tight

                    Not- call attention to the body - over the soul

          B. Appropriate - consider the occasion, activity

                    Blue jeans - work in garden, roller skating

3. This command is more than just clothes:

          A. Behavior and morals - Jokes, getting along with others, moral choices

          B. Recreation and entertainment - movies, TV, music, sports, games

          C. Lifestyle - house, car, furniture

          D. The church - worship, buildings, classes, programs


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