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1.     Founded by Alexander Campbell

a.     There were several congregations in US before he arrived here

b.     We are not “Campbellites”

c.     There is no doctrine he taught apart from the Bible

2.     Narrow Minded

a.     Truth is narrow – spelling, geography, math

b.     Matthew 7:14 – narrow way lead to life

3.     They think they are the only ones going to heaven

a.     Many jokes about this

b.     Real issue – NOT: WHO is right or wrong

c.     BUT: WHAT is right?

d.     If we do what is right, we will be right.

4.     Water salvation

a.     1 John 5 – not by water only – water and blood

5.     Just another denomination

a.     Denomination = governed by separate rules

b.     Denominate = part of a larger whole

6.     Don’t like music

a.     Many in band, play instruments

b.     What music does God want?

7.     Everybody is wrong but them

a.     I believe the same as you do.

b.     You believe the Bible don’t you?

c.     If you do what the Bible teaches, you will be right.

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