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TITLE: The Challenge of Our Meeting

TEXT: I Corinthians 15:57-58

PROPOSITION: A gospel meeting offers to each member several special challenges.


KEY WORD: Challenges




               1. Our meeting just a few weeks away.

               2. Why do we have meetings?

               3. Many discuss the changes:

                              a. used to be two to three weeks

                              b. many were baptized

                              c. wide support and attendance

               4. Let's look at the good side of this meeting.

               5. Several challenges to each of us.


I. Faith in the Power of the Gospel

               A. Rom 1:16

               B. Will it still save men?  James 1:21

               C. Do you know people that are lost?  Eph. 2:12


II. Our work

               A. I Cor. 15:58

               B. Not just run an ad and open the doors

               C. What are YOU doing for this meeting?


III. Our priorities

               A. Matt. 6:33  "Seek Kingdom first"

               B. Matt. 6:21  "where your heart is"

               C. If you are not here - What does that say?

               D. If you are present - What is the message?


IV. Our influence in this community

               A. Matt. 5:16  we are the light to the world

               B. It is time to stand up and be counted.

               C. Sign the banner of commitment.


V. To the devil

               A. Know the enemy

               B. Devil runs a mile while we are tying our shoes.


VI. To false doctrine and false religions

               A. Gospel is preached

               B. Truth is taught


VII. To sinners

               A. Come back, repent, return to the church

               B. Who have you talked to?


VIII. To sing

               A. Your contribution to the worship

               B. Boost to the speaker


IX. To pray

               A. For the lost

               B. For the preacher

               C. For the song leader

               D. For the success of the meeting


X. To follow-up on the contacts made

               A. Greet ALL that you do not know

               B. "Treat them so many ways, they will have to like some of them."



               Poem "Little Barefoot Buford"


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