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TITLE: Meditate on These Things

TEXT: I Tim. 4:15

PROPOSITION: Meditation is a vital part of our worship to, and understanding of, God.


KEY WORD: Thoughts



          1. We live very busy lives.  No time to meditate.

          2. Bible commands us to meditate.

          3. Most do not know how to meditate.

          4. On what should we meditate?

I. Word of God

          A. Ps. 119:148 meditate in thy word

          B. Start anywhere you like.

                    1. Gospels (Mark or John) are best.

                    2. Devotional book (Psalms and Proverbs).

II. Commands, laws, statutes

          A. Ps. 119:15 meditate in thy precepts

          B. Ps. 119:48 I will meditate in thy statutes

          C. Think about God's will for your life.

          D. Am I conforming to God's will?

III. Unfairness of this world

          A. Ps. 73:12-18

                    1. Ungodly prosper in the world, WHY?

                    2. To think about this is painful.

                    3. Go into the sanctuary - then understand.

IV. Works of God

          A. Ps. 77:10 I will meditate also of all thy work

          B. Get in tune with God's way of doing things.

          C. Think about how God has answered your prayers.

V. Our way of living.

          A. Ps. 119:59 I thought on my ways

          B. Where are you headed?  Going God's way?

VI. Our abilities and gifts

          A. I Tim. 4:13-15

          B. Know your gifts, use them, develop them.

VII. Clarify thinking

          A. Ps. 49:3 The meditation of my heart shall be of understanding.

          B. Luke 6:12 Prayer and meditation go together

          C. We need a quiet place to think -Hermenutic Hideaway


          1. We need to take some time to meditate.

          2. Word means - revolve in the mind

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