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Remember Lot’s Wife

Luke 17:22-34, Genesis 19:17-26



1.     Memory is one of the remarkable things God gave us

a.     Revelation 2:5 – helps us to repent

b.     John 24:25-26 – apostles would remember what they were taught

c.     Hebrews 2:3-4 – inspiration of the apostles

2.     Jesus said to remember Lot’s wife

a.     Romans 15:4 – learn from OT

b.     Remember OT examples

c.     2 Peter 2;1-7 – Lot was vexed, worn down, exhausted

d.     Luke 17 is a warning to each of us

3.     My uncle (a preacher) made a sign, placed under the clock in the back of the church auditorium – “Remember Lot’s Wife.”


1.     Knew God’s will

a.     Adam knew, Cain knew

b.     Nadab and Abihu knew

c.     King Saul knew

2.     Was a free moral agent

a.     Adam and Eve had a choice

b.     Nadab had a choice

c.     King Saul had a choice

d.     We have a choice – to obey or not obey

3.     Looked back

a.     On a sinful city – God destroyed

b.     Did she regret leaving?

c.     Parable of Sower – Luke 8:11

4.     Disobeyed God

a.     A direct command

b.     But she disobeyed

c.     Israel did this over and over – 1 Corinthians 10:6

5.     Suffered the consequences of her disobedience

a.     Saul – lost kingdom

b.     Moses – not enter land

c.     David – lost his infant son

d.     Solomon – heart led astray


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