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Genesis 13:1-13



1.     Lot’s choice

a.     Background

                                                    i.     Abraham and Lot – 1-5

                                                   ii.     Problem – 6-7

                                                 iii.     Solution – 8-9

                                                 iv.     Lot’s choice – 10-13

b.     Sermon’s focus on Lot

                                                    i.     Selfish?

                                                   ii.     Should have let Abraham choose first

                                                 iii.     Was his choice a wrong (sinful) one?

c.     Some choices are not right or wrong

                                                    i.     We weight the options

                                                   ii.     Know the consequences

                                                 iii.     Make a choice and live with it

2.     Our Choices

a.     Minor

                                                    i.     Which line at checkout?

                                                   ii.     Which fast food?

b.     Evil

                                                    i.     Proverbs 1:29

                                                   ii.     Isaiah 65:12

c.     Wise

                                                    i.     Joshua 24:15

                                                   ii.     Ruth

                                                 iii.     Solomon – wisdom

                                                 iv.     Mary vs. Martha

                                                  v.     Moses – Hebrews 11:25

d.     Required

                                                    i.     Deuteronomy 30:19

                                                   ii.     Joshua 24:15

                                                 iii.     1 Kings 18:21

e.     None of the above

                                                    i.     Count the cost

                                                   ii.     Are you ready to pay the price?

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