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TITLE: The Lord's Supper

TEXT: I Cor. 11:23-30

PROPOSITION: God demands that we focus on the communion in our worship.


KEY WORD: Questions



          1. We are going to focus on the communion today.


I. When?   How often?

          A. Three types of authority -

                    command               example                  necessary inference

          B. Apply to communion

                    1. Command - Matt. 26:26-27  Take, eat;  Drink ye

                                                  I Cor. 11:25  "This do in rem."

                    2. Example  Acts 20:7  church at Troas

                    3. Inference - cups, trays, system of distribution

          C. When?

                    1. On first day of week    Acts 20:7

                    2. How often?  Aply rule of calendars

                              Regular event and regular day - recurr same

                    3. Apply rule of giving.  I Cor. 16:1-2

                              a. Same phrase - "First day of the week"

                              b. Same assembly required for both.

                              c. Same regularity applies to both.

II. Why?   What is the purpose?

          A. Memorial -

                    1. "This do in remembrance of me."

                    2. Establish to serve as a reminder

          B. Proclamation of your faith in the D. B. R.

          C. Nourishment -

                    1. Not physical - to satisfy hunger

                    2. But spiritual - avoid spiritual malnutrition

                              I Cor. 11:30 - many weak and sickly

III. Who?   Luke 22:29-30

          A. John 3:5 Born again = in the kingdom

          B. More than just believers Rom. 13:11

          C. Some are not far form the kingdom Mark 12:32-34

          D. At my table - placed in the kingdom

                    1. Lord's table I Cor. 10:21

                    2. Lords' supper I Cor. 11:20

                    3. Communion   I Cor. 10:16

                    4. Break bread Acts 20:7; Acts 2:42

IV. How?  I Corinthians 11:

          A. Worthily              11:27

          B. Discern the Lord's body 11:29

          C. Self-examination 11:28

          D. Remember D. B. R.      11:26

          E. Anticipate return  11:26


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