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TITLE: Looking for Loopholes

TEXT: Mark 10:2-12

PROPOSITION: We look for loopholes, before we know the rule.






          1. Jer. 6:16

                    A. Ask for old paths, where is good way?

                    B. Walk therein, find rest for soul.

                    C. They say, "We will not harken."

          2. Today, many are violating the rules.

                    A. Not getting married - Live together.

                    B. Divorce at first problem.


The Question         2

          A. Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife?

          B. Tempting him.

The Answer           3

          A. What did Moses say?

          B. Today, when asked a question, turn it back to them.

          C. What does the Bible say?

The Reason           4-5

          A. Moses allowed (suffered) divorce.

          B. Because of the hardness of their hearts.

The Beginning       6-9

          A. Created male and female.

          B. Leave father and mother; Cleave to wife.

          C. Two shall be one flesh; not two but one.

          D. God is involved in the marriage.

                    1. God joins them together.

                    2. Tri-lateral contract.  (God - Man - Woman)

                    3. God must permit the breakup of the marriage.

The Rule                10-12

          A. For Men:

                    1. Whosoever put away wife

                    2. Marry another =

                    3. Adultery against her (his wife).

          B. For Women:

                    1. Put away husband

                    2. Marry another =

                    3. Adultery.


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