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TITLE: What Are You Looking For?

TEXT: John 6:16-29

PROPOSITION: Christians must learn to seek for the right things from Christ.


KEY WORD: Things

READING: John 6:26-29


            1. Why are you here today?  Many answers

                        Mother's Day, parents made me, nagging wife, keep elders from checking on me, take communion, worship, or grow in faith

            2. In the text today - three groups to examine

                        Apostles, the 5,000, and Jesus

Multitude - "free food" -  a handout  1-13, 22-26

            A. Today - free ride, world owes them food, etc.

            B. Many think the church owes them clothes, food

            C. Many of us - use property of others, not pay their own way through life, ride on work of others

Apostles - "day off"  15-22

            A. Worked all week, rowed all night, tired, exhausted

            B. "Leave me alone."

            C. Today -

                        1. Problem in attendance = too busy, other things interfere, schedules, recreation, sports, little league

                        2. Problem in work of church = too young, too busy, too old, too tired, need rest

Jesus - "believers who will work"  27-29

            A. NOT for:

                        1. Meat - perishes

                        2. Material things - don't last

            B. BUT for:

                        1. Meat that endures

                        2. Everlasting life

                        3. Work of God

            C. Story of Alfred Bernard Nobel

                        1. Inventor of dynamite

                        2. Read own obituary

                        3. Established Nobel Peace Prize

                        4. What would your obituary say?


            1. What is your view of life?

            2. What are you looking for?

                        A. Something to get?

                        B. Opportunity to give?

            3. What would your obituary say?


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