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Philippians 1:12-16



1.     Romans 8:28

2.     Life hands you a lemon, make lemonade

3.     The bad in life can become good


Paul is an example of making lemonade

1.     Gospel is advanced – 12-17

a.     In prison – bad – BUT look at the good being done

b.     Furtherance of the gospel – 12

c.     Christians in the palace – 13

d.     Many are bolder to preach

e.     I am ready to defend the gospel

f.      The lemon of prison had become lemonade in many places

2.     Christ is preached – 18-20

a.     Even if the motives are wrong

b.     By hypocrites

c.     Paul rejoices in this

d.     The lemon of pretence is the lemonade of joy

3.     Abiding is needful – 21-26

a.     Paul’s two options

                                                    i.     To live would mean:

1.     Christ’s church would grow

2.     Remaining in the flesh

3.     Seeing the fruit of his labor

4.     More benefit to Philippi

                                                   ii.     To die would mean:

1.     Personal gain

2.     To be with Christ

3.     Far better

b.     You have the same options facing you today

4.     Conclusion

a.     How do you view the lemons in your life?

b.     Why not make some lemonade?

c.     Life gives you an empty lot, build a service station on it.

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