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TITLE: Is the Wall Leaning?

TEXT: Amos 7:7-8

PROPOSITION: Our lives will crumble without a proper guide to build them straight.


KEY WORD: Descriptions



1. Illus. of plumb-line = standard, always right, guide

2. Bible is our plumb-line

3. Five points that spell "Plumb".

          The Bible is:

1. Powerful

          James 1:21 able to save your souls

          II Tim. 3:17 perfectly furnished

          Heb. 4:12 2-edged sword, powerful

          I Thess. 1:5 came is word and power

2. Light to our path

          Ps. 119:105

3. Unified - no contradictions

          A. 40 men - over 2000 year period

          B. No contradictions with science, history, geography

4. Mirror

          James 1:23-25

5. Believed

          Rom. 4:23-24 imputed if we believe

          Rom. 10:17 faith comes by hearing word

          II Tim. 3:15 wise unto salvation thru faith


          1. You are the wall.

          2. Bible is plumb-line.

          3. Judgment Day is the day you are tested by the standard.

          4. How do you measure up?

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