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1.     Sikeston, MO religious survey 480 said church of Christ, 200 not attending

2.     Lubbock more unfaithful than faithful

3.     Dallas 44,000 claimed membership, 26,000 on church rolls

4.     DANGER: These people are saying more than we are; more powerful force, speaking louder against the church

Three Basic Reasons

1.     Our attitude toward the new convert

a.     We kiss the bride, hug the widow

b.     But leave before the new convert has dressed

2.     We tell them what they must stop

a.     Drinking, cursing, etc.

b.     We give them nothing to fill the void

3.     Total lack of spiritual influence in their lives

a.     Letter to churches with 100+ baptisms

b.     NONE have a new converts class or program

c.     We lose half of all coverts in 2 years

d.     We are in the delivery room but no nursery

We are not saving the lost.

We are not saving the saved.

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