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Judges 16:25-30


Don’t blame – others, movies, books, school, TV, parents, money, broken homes, cars

Samson was NOT – from a broken home, poor neighborhood, wicked parents

Samson WAS – strong, good looking, sense of humor, pulled tricks and pranks

The Problems of Samson

1.      Romantic Problem

a.      In Timnath – 14:1-3

b.      In Sorek – Delilah – 16:16 vexed unto death

2.      Parental Problem

a.      Parents did not approve of this marriage

b.      Obey parents, listen to their counsel

c.      Samson – selfish – I, I, I – Get her for me

3.      Too much leisure time

a.      Lots of energy PLUS time = trouble

b.      Start a Bible Club, teach OBS, work in VBS

c.      Teach a class, visit elderly, nursing home, etc.

4.      Sin Problem – Samson broke at least 7 of the 10 Commandments

a.      Did not put God 1st

b.      Lust was his idol

c.      Did not obey parents

d.      Killed

e.      Lied

f.       Coveted

g.      Adultery

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